$29.99 available on subscription from $27.99 every 2 weeks


$29.99 available on subscription from $27.99 every 2 weeks

Raspberry Lemonade


Life gave us lemons. So we added some sweet raspberries and…bingo! We give you an energizing twist on a summertime classic. Hello, sunshine!

Best if served cold. 

  1. Place your index finger on the tab at the top of the can.
  2. Pull the tab towards you.
  3. It will make a cracking and popping noise as it opens. Sort of sounds like pshhchucka.
  4. Lift to mouth, drink and enjoy!

We asked raspberry how he likes to spread good energy, he said:

“Pay it forward, when someone shows you kindness, or does something nice, or offers to help, take that good deed and pay it forward. It always comes back to you in a positive way.”

Tastes Like:

Your childhood summers, full of imagination and wonder, minus the scraped knees. It’s really delicious.

what's in a feel natural energy drink

antioxidant vitamins

We infuse our drinks with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E (aka, free radical scavengers) to boost overall immune health to help you feel your best.

natural caffeine

Our caffeine is sourced from unroasted green coffee beans… 120mg of it to be exact (that’s about the same as one cup of premium coffee). The best part? No jolt, and no crash.

some ginseng

Yeah, we know, it looks weird. But the list goes on for the potential health benefits it provides, like boosted moods and a more productive brain, not to mention it’s good for your immune system.

tea leaf extract

Also called L-theanine. Each feel energy delivers 100mg of L-theanine to help improve mental focus and eliminate the dreaded caffeine crash that always seems to hit when you’re driving home from work.

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