for 12 feels ;)


for 12 feels ;)

Blackberry Pomegranate

(4 customer reviews)

A vivid dream where you’re travelin’ down the mouthwatering blackberry highway.

non gmo
0 sugar

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Best if served cold. 

  1. Place your index finger on the tab at the top of the can.
  2. Pull the tab towards you.
  3. It will make a cracking and popping noise as it opens. Sort of sounds like pshhchucka.
  4. Lift to mouth, drink and enjoy!

How blackberry likes to spread good energy:

“Be kind to everyone! Do nice things for people, kindness is not overrated. It’s necessary!”

Tastes Like:

With bold, fruity notes of blackberries and the tart richness of pomegranate, you’ll cruise through the day with flying colors. Take the scenic route!

what's in a feel natural energy drink

antioxidant vitamins

We infuse our drinks with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E (aka, free radical scavengers) to boost overall immune health to help you feel your best.

natural caffeine

Our caffeine is sourced from unroasted green coffee beans… 120mg of it to be exact (that’s about the same as one cup of premium coffee). The best part? No jolt, and no crash.

some ginseng

Yeah, we know, it looks weird. But the list goes on for the potential health benefits it provides, like boosted moods and a more productive brain, not to mention it’s good for your immune system.

tea leaf extract

Also called L-theanine. Each feel energy delivers 100mg of L-theanine to help improve mental focus and eliminate the dreaded caffeine crash that always seems to hit when you’re driving home from work.

4 reviews for Blackberry Pomegranate

  1. Becky

    I was looking for a replacement to the caffeine I used to get from pop and I don’t drink tea or coffee which severely limited my options. Feel drinks taste amazing, have no artificial sweeteners, and have less than 5 carbs (which definitely fit into my macros)! The caffeine is from natural sources so I don’t get energy drink jitters or crash later. The best part is that the drink does all this PLUS has tons of vitamins including 100% vitamin C. I can’t say enough about this product!

  2. Sue

    I tried the Feel variety pack and was disappointed that Amazon didn’t stock the individual flavors. When I left a note about this to Feel Customer Service, I immediately got a reply apologizing for the inconvenience and confirming that they resolved the stocking issue. Then they sent me a 20% courtesy coupon and cool t-shirt. Who does this?!

    As to the product, I’ve tried a lot of energy drinks. I don’t like the sticky mass-produced brands, and I wanted to cut out artificial sweeteners. (I used to be a diet coke junkie.)
    Feel is naturally-flavored, naturally-caffeinated, and naturally-sweetened. It’s low in calories, delicious and gives you a good boost of energy without a crash. What’s not to love? Plus, Feel’s customer service rocks!

  3. Hannah

    I am usually unsure about most energy drinks because they make me too jittery. But, these drinks are incredible!!! They give the perfect boost of energy, without feeling too wired or shaky. Honestly, these drinks are almost better than a cup of coffee. And they have such delicious flavors too! My personal fave is the Raspberry Lemonade. Highly recommend!! 🙂

  4. Ricky J

    I love me some FEEL! I have been a big fan for a couple years now. Drinking a cold FEEL beverage at lunch time makes my lunch break twice as tasty. I love the new Blackberry Pomegranate flavor the best! Now that the serving size is 12 oz, I drink half at lunch and save the other half for later in the afternoon. Buying it on Amazon is definitely a convenience I enjoy, but finding a cold one at a neighborhood store is a bonus! This is by far my favorite beverage – in fact I think I’ll go grab one right now!

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