Mango Passionfruit Feel Energy


12 feels ;)

Lounging on the beach while fresh mangoes and passionfruit roll in with the tide.

How mango likes to spread good energy

At feel we’re all about spreading good vibes, and kindness throughout the world.

through good deeds of course. Not big gestures, but the little things, allowing a person in front of you in line because they have less items, not blocking an intersection. Just simple good deeds.

Tastes Like:

Cutting through the rainforest with nothing but a bowie knife and dreams of tasting that sweet sweet mango.
Welcome to the jungle. With lush mango sweetness
and tangy passionfruit, this beverage is sure
to light a fire in you. Release your wild side!

Nutrition Facts

It’s super healthy for you, and that’s all the nutrition facts you need. Oh, it’s also crash, jitter, sugar-free, and has 0 calories, yep.

calories: 0, that’s zero.
fat: 0, that’s zip.
carbs: 0, that’s none.
vitamin c: 100% dv
vitamin e: 20% dv
vitamin a: 10% dv
Mango Passionfruit Feel Energy

the ingredients

greencoffeebeans website

natural caffeine

Our caffeine is sourced from unroasted green coffee beans… 120mg of it to be exact (that’s about the same as one cup of premium coffee). The best part? No jolt, and no crash.

ginseng website

some ginseng

Yeah, we know, it looks weird. But the list goes on for the potential health benefits it provides, like boosted moods and a more productive brain, not to mention it’s good for your immune system.

energy fruit

antioxidant vitamins

We infuse our drinks with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E (aka, free radical scavengers) to boost overall immune health to help you feel your best.

tea leaf website

tea leaf extract

Also called L-theanine. Each feel energy delivers 100mg of L-theanine to help improve mental focus and eliminate the dreaded caffeine crash that always seems to hit when you’re driving home from work.

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don’t text and drive.

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