Calm Panel Look, unfortunately there’s no way to “can a feeling” (we tried, the feelings evaporated before we put on the lid). What we did manage to capture is delightful fruit flavors using only plants. Whether over ice or straight from the can, our sparkling hemp infused beverages let you experience a refreshing wave of inner peace, a soothing calm without the high. So don’t worry, this won’t be like that one time in college when you… feel calm feel calm Look, there's no way to can a feeling or a mood. Instead of lying to you about the "feeling" you get from popping open an ice-cold feel calm drink, and experiencing the refreshing wave of soothing calm that overcomes your body... we'll just tell you, we've canned great flavor, with all-natural ingredients, heaps of vitamins, some ginseng, and a hemp extract that will let you feel calm.

besides love, what's in a feel calm?

feel calm is made from plants and infused with 20mg of organic broad-spectrum hemp extract to bring the calm. We start with real fruit flavors, blend in antioxidants, tea leaf extract, and ginseng, and then add a little stevia to sweeten it up. We top it all off with some chill vibes and lots of love (cuz love is all you need!).

Tastes Like:

Playing hookie in the Caribbean while it rains
crushed pineapple. 

A juicy fusion of fresh mango, passionfruit and pineapple will carry you right to the beach, where the gentle ocean breeze puts your mind at ease.

Tastes Like:

Cruising through space with a shipment
of ruby red grapefruits. Yep, you’re a space trucker!

Tangy starfruit and uplifting citrus flavors will take you right through the stratosphere. Prepare for arrival on planet calm.

Tastes Like:

The best part of any carnival. Think cotton candy, but without the sticky fingers.

The tart flavor of nordic cloudberries with a hint of sweet pear combine to inspire boardwalk daydreams and an afternoon delight.

the ingredients

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hemp extract

We infuse each can with 20mg of organic broad-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids and phytonutrients. You’ll feel a delightful calming effect, without any of the headiness from THC (the stuff that gets you high).

tea leaf website

tea leaf extract

Also called L-theanine. Each feel calm delivers 150mg of L-theanine to help relax your mind and promote a general feeling of “alert calmness.”

calm fruits

antioxidant vitamins

We infuse our drinks with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E (aka, free radical scavengers) to boost overall immune health to help you feel your best.

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some ginseng

Yeah, we know, it looks weird. But the list goes on for the potential health benefits it provides, like boosted moods and a more productive brain, not to mention it’s good for your immune system too.

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