our story

the great crash of 2014

In 2014, the team sat down to look at some graphs or something (we all had a long night, don’t ask) and fell asleep talking. When we woke up, it was 4:14pm – and we were all confused.

“Why did this happen?” We wondered, sleepily. Well, we figured it was the coffee, it crashed us. So we put our collective hazy brains together, and by lunchtime the following day we invented feel energy. Maybe that’s not exactly how it played out. We’ve made up so many versions of this story, we can’t recall.

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a new coffee

Hey, we love a hot cup of joe in the morning, but coffee always feels too heavy come midday. And forget about all those monstrous cans of neon green, supercharged energy elixirs with words like “fuel” and “killer” on the front (names that could also be used to describe the ingredients). No thank you! feel energy is not so much an energy drink as much as it is a refreshing alternative to coffee for any occasion or time of day when you need a little boost. Powered by unroasted green coffee beans to give you a longer, sustained lift with no jitters or crash. It’s a feel-good product with a feel-good price.

our start

Like any good business, we had some hiccups at first (maybe we swallowed too many bubbles). When we launched our drink, it was healthy, but tasted like carbonated stevia with a whopping 15 calories. It was an acquired taste for most people. Yikes! We knew we could do better, we had to do better. So we went back to the drawing board… again.
Feel Energy Variety 12 Pack o

and here we are

After beating the crap out of that drawing board for being a dirty liar, we got to work on a better recipe. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration. Full disclosure, no drawing boards were harmed during the brainstorming process. Countless revisions, lots of all-nighters and an overflowing swear jar. But we ultimately nailed it! Zero sugar, zero calories, no stevia taste. Just sparkling, real fruit flavors with antioxidant vitamins and beneficial ingredients to make you feel good and be your best. So pop open a can of feel and smile. You made the right choice, the best choice.

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